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It was fun, an enjoyable couple of hours, and when it was doing its own thing, it was fairly good at it. The characters were well-realised and often funny, I loved Spock in almost every scene. The film showed great promise when, at the start, Kirk is being chewed out for being a reckless dick, basically vindicating all the criticisms of his actions in the first film. A great start, then. It also felt a lot more StarTrekky, with references and sequences straight out of the TV series(eses). Cumberbatch is also a real pleasure to watch throughout.

Basically, if you liked the first one, you'll like this. Better in some ways, worse in others.

My problem with it is, at the end of the last one, it was left open for "bold new adventures", so I expected NEW adventures. I didn't expect:

What do I want from the next one, then? Cut the budget, cut the scope. Get some different bloody writers, and get the Enterprise OUT THERE, doing NEW things, with NEW characters!

There was more than a hint of Lindelof's Plot Logic in this one. A sense of "wouldn't it be cool if this happened" rather than things making sense. The first film got away with cosmic coincidences in my opinion, because it seemed appropriate. Some of the logic in this one was screwy, though. Character motivations were fuzzy, particularly Cumberbatch and Robocop, with who wanted what and why. It felt like rewrites had been done at the last minutes, without tidying up the loose ends. Perhaps they had, I'm sure it's pretty common.

In short, then, I had a fun time watching it and it definitely has its moments of excellence. The characters have settled in, the humour was well-judged, the dialogue snappy and witty. But the unoriginality running through it means it will not be remembered as anything other than a throwaway piece of tribble fluff. Disappointing.
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