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Re: Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

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Fans seem completely happy with 10 mile long starships, so transwarp beaming between solar systems probably goes hand in hand. "It's because of Nero."
We have huge Starbases already. There are no 10 mile starships anyway.. you are massively over exaggerating the size of the Vengeance Its about the size of a Romulan Warbird from TNG or thereabouts. There are huge Dominion battleships in DS9 approximately 5000m long.

Gojira wrote: View Post
Incredible and implausible technobabble and devices has a soild tradition in Star Trek.
Yes but these devices for the majority of movies and episodes did not break their own rules. On the spinoffs and later movies there was a 'science consultant' and a whole team of people who wrote the tech manuals etc making sure that the writers did not create something like Transwarp beaming because doing so would break the show! (Well now we can just use this super beaming every week instead of doing the usual stuff!)

ROBE wrote: View Post
Transporters are something I would scrap if I was doing a total reboot of Trek, they are like a Viking long boat carrying a mobile/cell phone.
They are too magical.
Not necessary to scrap them, just ensure they are used for short range 'hops' of no more than 50,000km and make sure they can't beam through shields. They where designed to get a landing party from the Enterprise to the planet of the week they are orbiting. Nothing more.
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