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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x16 "Q Who"

One other area I would like to delve into is the remastering work that was done on this episode. Over the source of Season 2's' HD presentation, I basically wrote off HTV's work as being lackluster in comparison to the work that was done on Season 1 by CBSD. Where as CBSD paid a lot of attention to detail and even threw in a few things that no doubt spoiled us, HTV took the more "as originally presented" approach by not going the extra mile. That's not the case with "Q Who".

To start, the "adaptive shield" that the one Borg drone uses now has a shade of green where there was originally no color at all. Granted this was likely done to fit in with the green adaptive shield as seen in First Contact and subsequent series, but CBSD elected to not color their adaptive shields green in "The Best of Both Worlds" episodes. Where are your thoughts on this? Should the adaptive shield be green, or as it was? If I had to make a choice, I would have kept it the way it was.

Now the biggest change that I have a hard time accepting is the newly redone pan out shot of the Borg Cube interior. While I love the newly animated river seen below and the sight of Borg Drones moving about, I think incorporating the "First Contact" style Borg alcoves was a mistake. It just doesn't make sense that the away team would beam to a part of the ship wher ethe Alcoves are different, yet everywhere else in the pan out shot looks so much different. Also that one CGI Borg that's seen on the bottom right who is attaching himself to an alcove looks more computer generated than a Nintendo 64 character.
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