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Re: "The Alternative Factor" - Why is it so universally hated?

I've always felt a there are a few more aspects to this shambles of an episode that we've never found out.

Perhaps it was the last minute wholesale script changes that had Barrymore heading for the nearest bar.

For those unaware, Lazarus was set to have a Khan/McGivers style relationship with Masters, but for reasons still unknown, this aspect was excised at the last minute in favour of a scene where Kirk and Spock talk about absolutely nothing for ten minutes in the briefing room, and the infamous multiple cliff dives.

Would love to dig around in those UCLA archives to find out more - Harvey, get back there and do some digging for us
"Sometimes I get the feeling the only way we could achieve a STAR TREK segment on budget would be to have 60 minutes of Mr. Spock playing kazoo solo as Captain Kirk holds him in his arms while standing in a telephone booth."
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