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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Another thing I noticed about this episode was even on episode 1, Ron Moore was the Klingon guy. I mean the scene at the end with the Bonding ceremony and the music was almost classic Ron Moore, even if this was his first episode. Later on when I'm done with the season, I might go back and listen to the commentary to see if he brings this up.
On the commentary for "Sins of the Father" Moore says he became the Klingon guy after Michael Piller asked him to write a memo outlining Klingon history and culture. He still has the memo and reads it out during the commentary.
That was really interesting when he read his Klingon Brief. it is also interesting he based a lot on the Final Reflection novel, I remember first reading that book way back in the 80s, while it is held up as a good book, I remember I wasn't all that thrilled with it at the

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