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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Precious Cargo

Ooh an arrogant stuck up Princess whose been kidnapped. Just what Enterprise needs or rather what Trip needs since hes the one who gets stuck with her for most of the episode. Have I mentioned before that iím not fond of one episode romances? Those two guys who snatched the Princess form her home sure are stupid. That whole ruse with TíPol and playing with the alien guys ignorance of human/Vulcan culture and laws was great fun but Archer was a little obvious. I was kinda hoping that Archer would lean in to hear the vital information of where Trip and the ice Princess where being held only for the alien guy to blow a raspberry in his ear.

As for Trip and his dealings with the ice Princess, well, the escape bit was okay though one would think being a Princess and political leader to be that she would be a little more savvy about the situation. She seems to believe she can just wait around to be rescued or successfully ransomed. Once they reach the planet its nice that their getting along better but terrible that they quite predictably how they argue and irritate one another only to fall into each others arms. Urgg

This epsiode gets 2 and half stars.

The Catwalk

I love this episode. The whole hiding out in the catwalk to escape a giant cloud of space radiation. I like seeing how they have to set up a secondary and temporary bridge, how everyone has to deal with living in close quarters, being unable to bath, and having little to do to pass the time. The little shanty town that gets set up in the catwalk looks great and the whole idea that whilst their all forced to hide away in the catwalk some people who arenít affected by the radiation can just wander onto the ship and assume it abandoned is great.

I think it would have worked better if the guys boarding the ship had been a lot less human looking, then the whole they arenít affected by radiation thatís deadly to us would have been more believable. The guys they brought onboard at the beginning could have spouted rumours and superstitions about some race that lives in the radiation cloud and raids ships. After a misunderstanding and scuffle Hoshi could have figured out how to communicate and they could have negotiated safe passage through the radiation cloud.

As it turned out the guys they picked up were deserters from a not very nice military who where quite happy to steal the ship and technology they found. I felt a little let down by that partly because my dad accurately predicted this outcome almost as soon as the guys on the run stepped on screen (he does that form time to time Hoshiís hair aside).

But despite that i did really enjoy this episode so it gets 4 stars.
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