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Re: RoboCop: The Series

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Has anyone here ever read any of the Marvel Comics Robocop series? That had some good stories in it, and I liked the "Beyond the Law" 3-part finale.
I've never read any RoboCop comics. However, the second episode of R:TS, "Prime Suspect," was adapted from a 1992-3 comics miniseries of the same name from Dark Horse.

I did watch RoboCop: The Animated Series, which was part of the Marvel Action Universe in 1988. I remember it was a decent show, unusually dark for its day, although quite toned down from the movie (it even retconned the film so that Boddicker and his gang were still alive), and with a more futuristic environment. Was there any connection between that and the Marvel comic-book series?

It's odd that animated adaptations like R:TAS and the later, stupider RoboCop: Alpha Commando had the rights to the supporting movie cast (R:AC confusingly had Sgt. Reed voiced by Blu Mankuma, who played R:TS's Sgt. Parks), but R:TS had to rename or replace them all.
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