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Re: First time watching Enterprise!


Okay so the crew, under the influence of some alien device, err, I mean radiation, develop really intense obsessions over simple things like fixing the captains chair or perfecting a noodle recipe. This would be a much better episode if it hadnít been done before on DS9 though Enterprise does combine it with the standard Ďoh no we wandered into some deadly radiation/weird singularity/contracted alien disease and now its affecting us and its going to take us ages to fly out/find a cure provided there are any crewmembers who can resist the infection/radiation/hallucinations long enough to pilot the ship outta dangerí plot. Granted that standard plot allows for a great deal of variety but after TNG, DS9 and VOY most of those variations have already been done.

I really love Reedís obsession with the updating the security procedures and his Reed alert! Especially how his obsession pays off at the end saving everybody. Phloxís obsession over Travis minor complaint is scary. This episode gets 2 and a half stars.

Vanishing Point

Okay so this was kinda fun. Hoshi is afraid of the transporter. We get to see the possible consequences of it going wrong. Hoshi ends up stuck intangible and unable to interact with people or things around her except for a wire in Archers ceiling. Aliens are trying to destroy Enterprise but only Hoshi knows about them. Then it all turns out to have been a delusion that occurred during the couple seconds it took for Hoshi to be transported.

Itís a kinda fun episode and I love that Hoshi gets to be the focus and show off her acting skills but it doesnít really advance the overall plot, none of the characters learn anything of value and we donít really learn anything of value regarding Hoshi besides that she will rise to the occasion and do her damned best to serve her ship despite her nervousness and fear. So nothing we havenít seen before or could have easily figured out with only a moments thought.

Throughout the episode my dad kept insisting that Hoshiís hair was the reason for her disappearing reappearing act as she always seemed to touch it just before a bout of intangibility. Sometimes my dad gets the weirdest ideas into his head. This epsiode gets 3 stars.
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