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Re: First time watching Enterprise!

Rome was awesome! they have the most awesome Gelato especially the choclate orange which is now my all time favourite flavour! and so many pretty ruins and fountains to sketch! i didnt want to come home.


Have any of you guys ever seen the movie Battle Beyond the Stars? Itís basically the Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven in space with a hamtastic cast and a sassy talking ship named Nell a truly awesome movie!

But I digress. Here we have Enterprise doing their take on the Seven Samurai/Magnificent Seven after they come across a mining colony being terrorised by Klingons. I like this episode a lot

I love that when TíPol is training the colonists she doesnít claim to be able to teach them how to fight she just teaches them a simple defensive move. Admittedly the rolling away from danger looks a bit silly as it takes them longer to roll out of reach than it would for them just to duck outta the way and run. Reed gets to put his tactical skills to use and against Klingons no less. He must have been so happy inside. And our regular crew get to run round in sweaty non standard outfits that look quite cool I vote we change the uniforms to those from now on. Even TíPol eventually ditches her silly white catsuit for some dirty clothes that look much better on her than that horrid catsuit even if they are on the skimpy side.

I give this epsiode 4 and a half stars.

The Communicator

After accidentally leaving a communicator behind on a pre-warp world Archer and Reed get captured and mistaken for enemy spies upon returning to the planet. Really I think they made things a whole lot worse by claiming to be spies rather than just confessing to being aliens. At least if they had admitted to being aliens they would have been treated better and after being rescued the pre-warp military people wouldnít be left with a lot of mistaken assumptions about their enemies capabilities.

I give this 2 and a half stars ok
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