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Yes. They want to make a movie that people will actually like and will justify them spending $10.00 on a ticket, unlike the old guard.
LOL. Syfy is showing Generations now, then Insurrection, then Nemesis.

I am just sitting here, shaking my head at Syfy. Some programmer in there must, MUST have a seriously twisted sense of humor. If ever there were a bigger chasm between what was needed and what we got during those TNG-era-movie years... this was pretty much it.
Sorry, but I have to disagree here. The four TNG films WERE as much TNG as the series, and I could not think of better or other adventures for Picard's crew. Why the bashing... it is so 90ies. Move on already.

Yeah, no worries. I have

Sorry, TNG, with but a few exceptions, hasn't aged well for me. I'll just let it rest at that.
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