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Re: one question about objective reality you'd want answered

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Time travel would mess with causality. So what? Doesn't mean it is no possible, it merely means that our theory wouldn't be able to deal with it so we'd have to throw it out and get a better one. In science you do not rule out observations just because your current theory says they cannot exist.
At some point there is a definitive finish line. Because otherwise the universe would be chaotic and fall apart. And there are still no observations of sound in space, FTL travel/communication or Superman, etc... .

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Quantum entanglement, at least information can already travel faster than light. You build a quantum computer and you might be able to calculate stuff which is physically impossible with a normal computer. Quantum mechanics implies all kind of crazy stuff so I doubt that we have, as you claim, learned most of what there is to learn about how the world ticks in the last 100 years.
FTL radio communication will still never ever be possible. And whatever things QM will bring, c is a constant that will never ever change. If there's such a thing as communication using quantum entanglement, then that might be going to work, but it won't be radio communication. If there's such a thing as Alcubierre drive, it might also work, but it won't be a conventional Newtonian drive. And even then there will be things that are just impossible because they don't work within the limits set by our own universe! You won't be able to do wizardry and create fantasy with Quantum Mechanics. That's just nonsense.
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