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However, there were references in season one to imply had engineering training, he was already a lt(jg) before being promoted, he was older, and there was never any express suggestion that he was positioned at the helm straight out of the Academy
This is one of my pet peeves with TNG - Geordi's sudden rise to Engineering genius. Considering the dolts TNG had in engineering in Season 1, I had no problem with Picard transferring someone anyone to engineering. But why didn't Geordi help with the problems they had in Season 1, why didn't he take over?

I thought Geordi quite clever and capable in Season 1 but they might as well as made him a doctor to replace Beverley in Season 2 as for all the engineering prowess that I saw. Although I'm happy to be proved wrong.

Instead suddenly he was there in season 2, technoblabbing all over the place like he knew everything but kept it to himself in Season 1. Instead Wesley had to save the day again and again.

My TNG friend says forget Season 1 ever occurred and you'll be better off. I wish I could see in Season 1 where Geordi was even interested in Engineering. Then I'd like TNG better
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