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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

Nothing like ending Mother's Day by watching The Bonding. It's interesting watching the documentaries and then watching the episodes with a new mindset. I can see some of that Perfect human reaction in Jeremy coming through, even though there was still grief. It's going to be fun watching these episodes knowing how difficult it was in the writing room. It will really give the season a new perspective, which I'm looking forward to.

Another thing I noticed about this episode was even on episode 1, Ron Moore was the Klingon guy. I mean the scene at the end with the Bonding ceremony and the music was almost classic Ron Moore, even if this was his first episode. Later on when I'm done with the season, I might go back and listen to the commentary to see if he brings this up.

I will say though that I actually liked The Bonding a lot more than before. I still think Troi is annoying though, and I do question why everyone must deal with death the same way. It seemed like Troi was trying to get Jeremy to be angry at Worf, just like the whole Wes angry at Picard, yet I'm not sure if that's fair. It almost seemed like Troi was forcing that animosity. Why can't people grieve in their own way.
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