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Re: When did voyager go wrong?

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Plus, the more a villain appears, the more watered down they get so the heroes can beat them.
One of the reasons that "Data's Day" is one of my favorite episodes is that the Romulans clearly win the day, they come out on top and force Captain Picard to back down. The villain who consistly loses to the crew of the hero ship isn't credible.

That was a silly episode in a lot of ways. But yeah, it was nice to see the good guys get clearly beaten. Plus it showed a lot about Picard's character. When he realized he'd been outmaneuvered by Mendak he didn't risk his crew on some sort of heroic gesture to save face, he just tipped his hat and got out of there. Not to mention it was nice to see an Admiral who had an actual fleet then. Five warbirds was a WOAH moment when that episode first aired, even if three of them were off screen.
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