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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

TrekCore's screencaps for Shades of Gray are pretty interesting. I checked to see how HTV handled CBS-D's stock footage.

The framing, color and grain structure of the stock footage is different. That leads me to believe HTV started with the raw 2K scans of the negatives and completed the footage from scratch rather than using CBS-D's work. I assume they just ran the shot list through their iConform software without utilizing what was already available. Perhaps this was the quicker and easier way, who knows.

That doesn't apply to just the season 1 stuff, even scenes reused from season 2 have different framing and color timing from the original episodes:
The Dauphin:
Shades of Gray:

Shades of Gray was originally made with stock footage to save money and time. It looks like HTV ironically gave this episode way too much attention.

Here's a good example of DNR used by HTV:

HTV applying DNR, skin looks waxy:

Original CBS-D:

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