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Re: are the original series blu rays any good?

Each season is $45 at Best Buy this week.

I just bought season 1 and I've seen 3 episodes so far. They do look quite good, but the soft lighting and deliberate (I think) blurring of some shots detract from the clarity. That's not so much a transfer issue as it is the artistic choices made at the time, which retains a certain contemporary glamour.

From what I had read I expected to be blown away. I am impressed but not quite blown away because there is a LOT of grain (or is it the term snow?) throughout.

I understand that old film just won't look as good, but I also have the older James Bond movies on bluray and those look spectacular! I can put my face right up to the screen and those movies look like an oil painting. No hint of grain or pixels. Maybe the original film stock was better for movies?

With TOS I'm impressed with the colors and the clarity most of the time. The dialogue is a bit muted but I don't have a proper sound system, just the flatscreen so I can't judge properly. There is no sense of pixelization, but the "snow" throughout is a minor bother.

I do recommend them though, especially if you have never bought the DVDs.

Now if only I can find the angle control on my bluray player...
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