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Re: Well, THIS makes me feel old...

Growing up I was always out of the loop, not interested in current music, fashion and trends. So while turning 35 in July I do not feel any older or different. I was never really part of my generation anyways. I was always like an observer of culture and technology, which I am never up to date on.

Though with geeky movies finally become mainstream and the younger generation becoming more liberal, I seem to have more in common with younger Facebook friends than people I went to High School with.

Oh and I had been thinking of starting a thread on this but this is a perfect place for it. By appearance more and more people thin I am 10 years younger than I am. Which is a great compliment but can be weird sometimes.

It used to be coworkers who were much older than me thinking I was much younger than I am. I could get that. Its can be hard for me to tell the differences in ages of teens sometimes. But now its also happening with people much younger than me thinking we are the same age.

Just this last week I had this happen with do different guys. One is 19 the other is 24. We are doing remodel work at a store. I had to clean a floor and I found a way of attaching a scrub pad to a mop handle so as not to hurt my back or knees. I have always hated that since I was a kid. SO one of the guys asked me how old I was to be worried about my back. I figured he meant I would be worried because I was so old. But he meant I was too young to need to worry yet. THought I was 26.

24 old said he did not know how to read a clock with hands. Which I thought was odd. I told him I had clocks like that in school. He said we must be the same age, all he had was digital clocks. Was surprised to hear I was much older than him.

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