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Re: Do You Believe the Official Chronology?

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Well, clearly the 20th Century we lived in and the one that is in Star Trek's past are not the same, and never really have been.
Star Trek was meant to be our future. Which is why, when its speculation about what the future will be is shown to be wrong, it should be ignored.
I dunno, I tend to agree with Mysterion that Trek's timeline/universe/whatever is not the same as ours.

The most compelling argument for this in TOS itself is "Assignment: Earth". The Enterprise travels back in time to the same year that the episode aired in, and both superpowers were launching orbital nuclear weapons platforms in that period. This wasn't the writers speculating on the future; this was them setting a story in their present and having something happen that they knew wasn't happening in reality. That pretty much cements the fact that Star Trek's 1968 was not the same as ours, and deliberately so.
Nope, it's just a plot point to drive the action. Nothing I've read indicates they saw A:E or Star Trek as happening in an alternate reality. The whole idea of the show was to postulate on our future.

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Science fiction doesn't predict the future (except by chance). SF imagines a future.

And I side with the view that TOS timeline isn't ours. Even TOS' past differs. Edith Keeler in TCOTEOF makes reference to wanting to see a Clark Gable movie in 1930. In 1930 Gable was little more than a bit player and certainly not yet recognized as a "star."
That's just poor research and easily ignored.
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