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Re: OMG has it really been 10 years?

I graduated high school the year it went off the air (in fact its four seasons exactly align with my four years in high school) so I'm glad it's not quite been ten years just yet.

I watched and enjoyed the first two seasons when they were on the air. In fact I joined this board initially because I was excited by the first season finale. But when the show came back in the fall of '03, I had a scheduling conflict since I was taking night classes at a junior college. This was before I had access to anything like a DVR so I was having to time-delay recording with an old VHS machine, which was a pain and very unreliable. I did it for a couple weeks, then get seriously annoyed by the episode "Extinction" and gave up.

It was around that time that DS9 was getting released on DVD, which was more than scratching my Star Trek itch. I never returned to watching the show on television and in the years since its cancellation I sort of mentally grouped it together with Voyager, a show I actively dislike, as being not worth my time and ignored it, though outside of "A Night in Sickbay" and the aforementioned "Extinction" I don't think it ever bothered me as much as your average Voyager outing.

I got the DVDs earlier this year because I'd just about watched my DS9 and TOS discs to death in the past decade. It was either Enterprise or TNG, and I find TNG to be deadly boring outside of The Best of Both Worlds, so I stand by my decision. It's become my third favorite of the Star Trek shows and that's about where it's likely to stay.
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