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Re: Is there a need for a Helm Department?

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^Yes, but most of them seem to have jobs too, from what we've seen. I mean, aside from the children. What exactly would a stay-at-home spouse do in the 24th century? Putting plates back in the replicator only eats up so many minutes.
Would there be a role for the traditional "housewife" in the 24th century? Probably not. Heck, our technology TODAY has rendered the need for that, from a practical house maintenance standpoint, largely non-existent.

OTOH, I would imagine there would still be plenty of people who choose to be stay-at-home parents because there is a lot more to raising children than just being the housekeeper. And in the 24th century, people apparently don't have to worry about their material needs, so there would be more opportunity for someone who wanted to stay home with their children to do so, as opposed to today when you hear so many people say things like "I'd love to stay home with my children, but we need the two incomes to survive."
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