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Re: 7.2 Box Set Already Available In America

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GallifreyBase has, of course, not disappointed those of us hoping for a hilarious overreaction to this. The following, with bolding and capitalization in the original, is now pinned to the top of every page:
To all our members, new and old: We have a rule here that forbids any discussion of illegally obtaining episodes of Doctor Who. This, naturally, includes torrenting and link sharing. Because torrenting itself is not illegal - it's a legitimate distribution method, regardless of the legality of the files being distributed - we NORMALLY permit discussions of torrenting as a distribution method. But that's under normal circumstances. Due to the early release of Series 7 discs, these are not normal circumstances. Therefore, for the next 7 days until 19 May 2013, we are officially making ANY AND ALL discussion of torrenting or link sharing, or any other mention of distributing, acquiring, ripping, sharing, searching for or finding ANYTHING distributed illegally, grounds for a ban that will last anywhere from 7 to 14 days. Consider this your only warning. Thanks.
Is it the futility or the pomposity that's funnier? I can't decide.
Yeah, cause that'll keep off the 'net--if the leak is real.

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In the grand scheme of things, a retailer making a mistake isn't very big, and it happens far more often than anyone thinks.
My local Best Buy is notorious for sticking DVDs on the shelf a couple of weeks prior to release. Of course, the rub is their cash registers have failsafes so that if a product is scanned before release date, a message pops up on the screen and they don't let you purchase it.
There's ways around failsafes if you want to sell a product early. Just saying a sheet of UPC codes of equal value or that ring up "miscellanous merchandise" aren't unknown of
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