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Re: 7X12 Nightmare in Silver(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS)

I am honestly surprised that some of you guys continue to even watch the show since so many of you dislike episode after episode each week.

Granted I have only been watching the show since 2005, but it has never been high art. It's always been zany, silly, filled with plot holes, aimed at children more than adults (this includes the Classic episodes I've seen), a popcorny sense of adventure only occasionally punctuated by heroic moments. Most of the time it's meant to be fun, not especially thought provoking; the rich mythology has always been portrayed as secondary to me.

From some of the sour criticisms in each of these threads it makes me think that a guy going around the universe in a police box is meant to be the second coming of Shakespeare or something. Complaining about the new Cybermen? Really? The old design from the Classic series looks like one of those "ancient astronaut" cave drawings...guys in suits falling over each other and ripping open cardboard walls. How frightening!

I'm thankful the show is even on and is produced slickly and at a high level by people who are passionate about what they do, and GOOD at what they do. I have my criticisms of Moffat just as I did of RTD, but honestly they know what they're doing. I shudder to think what the show would be like if it was turned over to a bunch of disgruntled fans.
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