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Re: Post your TrekBBS "Blasts from the Past" here!

From the same contest:

Trekkie Wonderland

(Sung to the tune of "Winter Wonderland")

Imzadi -- Are you lurking?
'Cause with you -- boys are flirting
The girls are a sight,
We're happy tonight
Posting in a Trekkie wonderland.

Gone away -- is the Blue Board
Here to stay -- is the new board
Sing a badgery song
When Kass comes along
Posting in a Trekkie wonderland.

In the Neutral Zone we'll have a flame war
With Enterpriser, Crosis and some more
Folks may start to get a little testy
But AlphaMan will bring them back to shore.

Later on -- we'll conspire
If we have -- the desire
To bump a spam thread
That used to be dead
Posting in a Trekkie wonderland.

When ThankQ has a party, we all show up
With Treker, Adam and T'Bonz as well
No matter what you drink you'll never throw up
If you did then Lisa sure would give you hell.

Chicken's back -- ain't it thrilling?
Flukie's av -- is kind of chilling
So come in and play,
We'd like you to stay
Posting in a Trekkie wonderland!
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