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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x15 "Pen Pals"

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While we the audience appreciate the PD discussion...the idea of the senior staff having to have it is ludicrous. PRIME Directive. They probably take 40 hours of this in the Academy.
Some would say that treating something of importance like the Prime Directive as an absolute rule is a bad idea. One big reason is that the Prime Directive is not some principle established by some perfect entity that knows everything and does all the right things. It was created by flawed, ignorant people. If you follow something that's created by such flawed people and use ignorance as a basis for your judgement (we don't know what the consequences will be), it's likely to result in flawed outcomes.

Even Picard acknowledges this in a season one episode "Justice".

Picard: I say to any creature who may be listening, there can be no justice so long as laws are absolute. Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions.
It's a good speech, but one that no one, including himself would look back on.
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