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Re: Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

Agreed. My issue with transwarp beaming is that I simply don't see how it could work the way it does in the movie without a serious amount of collateral technology (how can the signal travel faster than a subspace signal - which can take hours or days to reach its destination; how can it travel over longer distances than a subspace signal without specially designed subspace relays (Scotty used standard Federation communication relays in the comic and Harrison I assume must have hacked Klingon communication relays but a transporter signal contains a hell of a lot more data than a subspace communication); how can the annular confinement beam retain the integrity of a signal without something extra to power the beam; since scanners don't have that kind of range (quite often they don't even detect a ship in visual range) and they can't even beam up a person who is moving too much, how can a person not die if they are beaming over light years without a receiving pad to aim for). It should be a death sentence and it irritates me that they hand waved that away with a 'ooh this is soo dangerous but we'll use it and succeed anyway' line.

My personal prefernce would be to go back to something like Blakes 7. You need a localised quantum scanner to beam back (usually a communicator or belt monitor) otherwise the ship will have to rely on the pattern that it stored when you were sent down - complete with memory loss. The whole system is on shaky ground - well shakier than the concept to start with.

As it is, beaming weapons of mass destruction long distances is all too easy. Beaming light years without a receiving pad is risk free (unless the target is at warp). It's easier to beam onto a ship at warp than it is to beam up somebody who is moving around. Go figure.
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