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Transporters in the nuVerse [SPOILERS]

I hate the transporters in nuTrek and this is solely down to the writing of Kurtzman, Orci and now Lindelof.

First of all, Transwarp beaming. Now there is nothing new here because it is now 4 years old, it was used in ST09 and I hoped it would never be spoken of again. I hoped it would be consigned to the dustbin like other amazing Trek feats like slingshotting around the sun to travel back in time and a cloaking device the size of a backpack that allows you to pass through solid matter. There are many many such examples of things like this in Trek that the writers invent or tweak something one week or one movie to allow their script to work and never return.

Now we all know the only reason Transwarp beaming exists is because the writing team of Kurtzman and Orci for Star Trek 2009 needed a way to get Kirk and Scotty back on the Enterprise with help from Spock Prime. So they invent Transwarp beaming ! yay! Ignoring the fact that Transporters are mostly used for short range hops and going against everything we have ever seen in Star Trek. (There are some examples of long range beaming in Trek but nothing on the order of light-years? Am I right?) - The implications of being able to beam from one star system to another are vast. What is the range of this thing? Why bother with starships at all? Or shuttles? Or anything? Just set transwarp beaming points all over the federation and you can be anywhere in a flash, literally! Why send a ship with torpedos when you can just beam the torpedos onto the enemy planet and explode them remotely? All of this just so the writers can write the script they want, fuck everything else and forget everything from the last 45 years. We also are aware that any transporter can be retrofitted to transwarp beam with a few equations from Spock Prime. Its a piece of cake. Just so their script would work... remember?

Unfortunately its back in 'Into Darkness' where Harrison uses a portable Transwarp beaming device to beam from a jumpship shooting the shit out of a building in San Francisco all the way to Qo'Nos, a planet god knows how many light-years away. Damnit. OK. Its in Trek and its here to stay, fantastic.

What will they invent next?

Now there are other issues with the transporters in nuTrek and particularly Star Trek Into Darkness. The writers seem to use it regularly to write themselves out of a sticky situation... sometimes its working, sometimes its not. Now we find that someone cannot beam up... but you can beam down! Right next to the person you want to beam up! Thats a new one as well! Again Trek gadgets used like never before. You can be on the bridge and beam 72 targets automatically, fantastic!

I think transporters need to be sent back to basics rather than be a magical device one moment and a malfunctioning piece of shit the next just to serve your script.
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