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I am so angry with them. First I did not want to go at all... but my dad forced me. We went to see TREK since I was a kid in 1991. I was visiting them and he got the tickets already.

Well, I had no expectations... and surprise... when the film started, and continued I really kind of... well liked it. I was about to forgive that nonsense with the ship under water, or the stupidity of Starfleet officers in this reality after the really well acted and directed London part, and especially after Pike's lesson to Kirk... until half way through I thought... well, seems everyone deserves a second chance. The nods to DS9 and ENT... awesome... I was starting to like what I saw. Good music, a great improve in camera and cinematography over 09 (seems they cured the cameramans Parkinson for this film). Superb sets, and set design. I liked the locations on Earth, Nimburu looked awesome, Heck... Kronos looked great. Cool Klingon design... and that was where the film went downhill for me completely... and lost me there. I guess if I rewatch the film, I will simply eject the Blu Ray right at the scene, where they fight the Klingons... the rest was a really poor copy of TWOK and "Paradise lost". Damn... I hated it.

I hope they get new authors for the next part. I got used to the new crew, I got used to the new styles, hell... even uglyprise grew on me... JJ direction is okay with me... you get used to it... but now... please... get writers who work creativly...

Such a lost opportunity.
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