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Re: Earth will fall [SPOILERS]

I think you are in trouble if your grand strategy relies on the tactical and strategic sense of a warlord who fought wars three hundred years before you were born. Think about this - Our nation is facing an existentialist threat from an enemy. An elite intelligence recruits Frederick II of Prussia, or Duke of Wellington, to give advice on how to fight a 21st century military. These men were knowledgeable about what was available to them in their time. However, their time didn't have computers, airplanes, satellites, etc.

If this is your Hail Mary pass, I think you are already screwed and Earth is well on its way to falling. (I find it interesting that when the Federation has engaged in enemies that are on par with or greater than, that the Federation has skirted the edge of total ruination. The only time that the Federation seems to come ahead is when they fight enemies who were already weak to begin with.)
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