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Re: How Much Does JJ Abrams Know About Star Trek

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He has enough it doesn't feel completely alien... but I don't know if he knows quite enough to be true to Trek or if his style is just better suited to Star Wars. Always felt the new Trek was a good film, but a mediocre Trek at best. I don't look for heart pumping action in Trek... it's supposed to be a platform for relevant issues. That's when Star Trek has always been at its best.
That is not out yet here. I am going off of the first film. I'm looking forward to this one with some of the talk, but until then I cannot say. But it also depends on how it is dealt with. If it manages an "In the Pale Moonlight" I will applaud.

I have reservations though since 2009 Trek was just didn't feel that close to a Trek film to me as it should have been.

Though I'm getting the sense it will be closer to being Trek than the new Superman will be to being Superman. And to be fair, Trek as a movie rarely has worked as well as the series. So being an enjoyeable action flick is nothing to sneeze at either. As I said, 2009 Trek was a fun film despite my reservations on its Trekness
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