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12th EDF - The Angry Apes

The Federation lies devastated by the Borg Wars that lasted nearly twenty years. Victory has come, yet at a great price. The fate of much of the Alpha Quadrant is unknown, and now little remains of the once-grand Federation and its Starfleet beyond the Sol System. Re-exploration attempts try to discover the fate of former allies and enemies alike, but the galaxy will never be the same again. There are many new threats, even with the war over; pirates, remnants of the Borg, the new, emotional and dangerous Vulcans that have forsaken their former ways of peace and control. Many forces remain which still perceive Earth as a grand prize, and after twenty years, Earth is no longer the bastion of strength that it once was. Sol is vulnerable to outside attacks, and the resources of the fledgling returning Federation so stretched that defences are limited.

Enter the Earth Defence Force, and more specifically, the 12th starfighter squadron, better known as "The Angry Apes". Operating out of Mars and making the USS Thunderchild their home, they are a rapid response unit to deal with sudden threats that may emerge. Led by Commander Joseph Ryan, a veteran of the Borg Wars and one of the few truly experienced pilots left, it is the duty of the Apes to be the first to deal with any dangers to the Federation's heart that could arise.

But the Federation has changed, and not just physically. After twenty years of war, the shining utopian ideals have faded, and cynicism has settled in to the higher echelons of Starfleet Command and the Federation Council. No longer is the aspiration to explore new life and new civilisations the driving force behind humanity, but rather, survival by any means. And this will include abandoning the principles upon which the Federation was once founded in order to ensure her continued survival. A quick, violent explosion is now thought to be better than a long, diplomatic talk.

There are those who argue bitterly with the new path the Federation has taken, still clinging to the old ideals of days gone by. Starfleet Command see the Apes as symbols to display the efficacity of the new school of thought as much as a line of defence. The media has seized Ryan as a hero and fight to build him into something he is not. Conflict is within the Federation as much as it is without. Will the old, honourable ideals win over the new, cynical desire for survival? Will politics for power undermine a mission for protection? And, at the heart of the matter, will the threats from outside truly finish off the struggling Federation?

12th EDF Squadron and the USS Thunderchuld is a PBF game in Bravo Fleet's Futility's End. We are accepting many positions, from pilots of the Apes to the crew of the Thunderchild. The aim is for a solid, character-based game in a gritty Trek universe facing moral quandraries, political power-games, and personal conflict as much - perhaps more - than action and adventure. So take a look at our website, and join today!
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