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I loved the magic glass in the brig! The resizable/repositionable hole was very cool.

The endless levels corridors below the dome was either at the top of the neck or the dome on top of the saucer. it was cool. As were the new displays along the corridors.

The new warp core was nice. It looked like real machinery and not a blue lava lamp. And so big you could climb up inside it! Nice to see some big important-looking control panels outside.

The enormous shuttlebay got a slightly new look and a giant crane to move the parked shuttles between levels (and some idiots still blindly insist this Enterprise is no bigger than the old!)

It looked great.
Liked the shuttle bay changes. The support girders got moved a bit, maybe due to fanboy 'disgruntlement' or just to 'shut them the fuck up'

Can't figure out how far down and up the column intersection goes. Doesn't bother me, i liked it. Made the ship interior more spacious and an interesting addition. Gave a sense of scale inside.

And if I'm honest, I prefer the new warp core over the 'lava lamp' trek staple.

Also have to mention the awesome title card, Nibiru sand image fading into real Enterprise was so classic looking. Loved it. And the new warp contrails were so cool, almost reminiscent of TOS movie warp effect.
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