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I saw the film on Thursday here in the uk upon release.

I enjoyed it lots, but like anyone here, I have my gripes and affections that wil be discussed here eventually, I just can't face writing an epically long reveiw.

The opening 15 mins, enterprise mission rising out of the ocean, loved it. Kirks bollocking by Pike cracked me up, Nabiru's on the verge of inventing the wheel and thy see a hulking mother fracking star ship rise out of the water. Classic.

Cumberbatch was Khan, wasn't surprised. Part of me wishes that, although it was a fantastic retelling, it was an original villain. Still loved it though.

So, who liked the new sets? Silly question, I know, but if its a repeat question I apologise.

They had the brig obviously and and a new multi level type intersection which I assume runs through the centre of the saucer given the amount of levels. Funny thing is, it reminded me of a shopping mall. Lol. Off world duty free.
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