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There isn't much middle ground to be had in reactions so far. I'm having difficulty reconciling the praise being heaped on the movie with what I saw. Where I saw superficiality, they saw depth; where they saw a great movie, I saw a wasted opportunity. I'm tempted to wonder if they've put two different cuts into circulation.

Ok, so help me out here. For those of you who loved it, where did it hook you? Thinking back, I was engaged from the get go. The Niribu scene with The Enterprise rising out of the ocean was frelling awesome. Then we went through to Kirk's demotion - great. Then IIRC the bar scene... okay ... then, the scene with Kirk and Spock and the quibbling over how to address Kirk (before the big meeting and Harrison's assault). I reckon it's about there that I started to drift out. There was a bit of a lag, but I thought they were taking the foot off the pedal briefly before we got to the real meat of the story. Alas, it never got there for me.
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