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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

I am skipping ahead a little. I watched several episodes while I was working; so I did not have time to write them up. I will say that I like how Seven's character is progressing. I am happy to see some conflict with her.

Hope and Fear

Awesome episode. I appreciate the foreshadowing in the opening scene with Janeway and Seven playing their game. Seven makes a comment about how she could possibly lose, which Janeway retorts with intuition. In the episode intuition is what saves Voyager. The episode ends in the same room as it begun with Janeway still beating Seven in the holodeck game.

Another good episode. However, the bleakness of it is interesting. Everyone was anxious and moody because of the lack of action. Janeway was sulking because she feels guilty. It seems like the crew was excited for a fight. For a ship full of peaceful explorers they sure get antsy when it comes to peacefulness. They were foaming at the mouth to have a conflict. Either way though, I enjoyed this episode. It showed that Janeway has weakness too.
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