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Re: are the original series blu rays any good?

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Hi i just have a quick question. I have been watching the next generation blu rays and they look great but i was wondering if the same good treatment was done to the original series blu rays and not like the terrible star trek movie transferrs?
Resolution will see a bump (but not tremendous), and the shots will be inconsistent, as cameras vary (and some are less sharp and grainy than others - when the source is in less-than-stellar shape there's only so much that can be done to extract detail from it). Color depth will improve - simply because the number of colors present in blu-ray far exceeds that in a DVD or streaming HD (if you've seen the TOS-R episodes on Netflix or Hulu+). Audio? For the most part, it's cleaned and levelled. That's about it. They rescored some of the themes and incidental music, but it's a mono track. Only so much.
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