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Re: David Gerrold's The Star Wolf

xortex wrote: View Post
The star Command people want their money back so they can give it to Star Wolf which is a better name, don't you think?
No, I think Star Wolf is pretty silly, to tell the truth.

Christopher wrote: View Post
RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
I wonder if the controversy surrounding Star Command has made people leery-- or maybe Star Command just used up most of the available money that the audience had to commit.
What controversy?
As mentioned, the departure of Doug Drexler because of an alleged change in direction; also, some think that Zicree is overextending himself by pursuing multiple scripts at once instead of focusing on one.

Maurice wrote: View Post
Zicree's show is Space Command, not Star Command.
Oops, you're right.

I've seen a work-in-progress script for the pilot episode, and that draft was rubbish. It's more Flash Gordon than anything (evil Emperor, his hot daughter who turns traitor to help the hero, etc.).
Ah, well. I like Flash Gordon. Is that draft available, or do you just know someone?

Back to Star Wolf, I suspect part of the problem is that their pitch video is weak.
Yeah, I completely agree. As I said, it turned me off more than it turned me on.
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