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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

True, Brian Blessed is fantastic in anything he does. He was the best part of series 1 of Black Adder.

The Time Monster (Third Doctor).

While it's not a top tier story, The Time Monster was never boring. For a six parter, it kept up a good pace. This was probably due to the fact that they completely change locations and add an almost entirely new cast for parts five and six.

Going back to the Third Doctor has also made me realize how much I prefer Roger Delgado's Master to any of the others. I prefer his quiet manipulative menace, with occasional bouts of manic energy, to Anthony Ainley's moustache twirling.

Time and the Rani (Seventh Doctor).

While definately not a propitious start for the second Doctor, I know that McCoy's stories tend to get better as he settles into the role. There was too many attempts at comedy in this one and many aspects of the story were not fully explained and were left hanging when the serial ended.

Mel continued being useless. The extent of her role was to state the obvious, run around acting stupidly and to scream.
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