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Re: David Gerrold's The Star Wolf

Zicree's show is Space Command, not Star Command.

Word is that Doug left because Zicree changed directions from what they were pitching (50s inspired Wally Wood look show) to something different than they had agreed on.

I've seen a work-in-progress script for the pilot episode, and that draft was rubbish. It's more Flash Gordon than anything (evil Emperor, his hot daughter who turns traitor to help the hero, etc.).

Back to Star Wolf, I suspect part of the problem is that their pitch video is weak. It's not compelling. As with Drexler's sketches posted by Mysterion, there were also Andy Probert sketches for the earlier proposed Star Hunt version. They should have gotten permission to use those in the pitch and, oh, maybe actually could have told us something about the story. Talking heads saying it's going to "kick ass" is pretty poor marketing.
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