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Re: Janeway's Decision to Kill Tuvix

Halliwell wrote: View Post
I've read this Tuvix argument and watched it go on for years and I find that people miss the point entirely. Janeway did not murder Tuvix. She did what any command bridge officer is supposed to do in emergency situations. Voyager is thousands of light years from home, with no chance, with the exception of the occasional stray along the way like Seven and Neelix, to have the ship restaffed with qualified personnel at a Starbase.
So in Workforce when that planet needed grunts to run their power station, their needs outweighed Voyagers needs and Kathryn should have jut submitted to the mind control, manipulation and all those new lives because saving a planet is more important than a lone starship charging windmills.

By your reckoning, your own employer could refuse to accept your resignation, and take your children because they need more manpower in the catering staff because the needs of a company trump the needs of a family.

Are you saying that Janeway doesn't value individual needs whatsoever? No one is allowed to leave, and here's something that was touched on by BSG no one is allowed to upskill or change their speciality because there's all those shity jobs that need to be done too.

MacLeod wrote: View Post
There was no pressing emergency.
There was too a pressing emergency. Kes loved Neelix so much and couldn't live without him. Which is the final argument that swayed Janeway. The emotional expectations of Tuvok and Neelix's support system. Okay, maybe pressing is an exaggeration and emergency is a bald faced lie.

MacLeod wrote: View Post
But he was still a being, and entitled to the rights the UFP gives to beings.
A book I read, said that the UFP in expectation of the future, that they create a reservation of at least 50 worlds surrounding every prewarpcivilization inside their borders, so that in a thousand years, 10,000 years, that they have somewhere to grow after they do finally invent warp drive.

Tuvix could have made a flag, and plant it in his quarters. Call it an embassy or call it an invasion, he is the totality of a civilization and might as well be a planet.

Lee Enfield wrote: View Post
btw. As I mentioned in another thread: The condition for Thomas Riker to be created were very unique. And the Quantum Method implies that they are both real and neither of them is a copy.
Unique? Really? A science team would have been sent to that planet and attempted to replicate the accident. Meanwhile the Federation spent almost 5 years fighting an inexhaustible clone army. At some point they had to consider making their own clones, transporter or otherwise.
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