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Re: 7X12 Nightmare in Silver(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS)

Was a decent ep overall but a bit disappointing. Maybe just because my expectations were too high.

I wasn't keen on all that "battle for teh Doctor's brain" stuff, it felt like just an excuse for Smith to crank up the over-acting. I wanted more cybermen and less of him whirling on the spot yelling at himself. The cyber-controller persona should have been more cold and calculating.

The bullet-time Cyberman was a great holy-shit!! moment, but if they'd all been able to do that our heroes would have gotten wiped out so the ability gets forgotten. Also, as someone mentioned earlier, the cybermen are too purely robotic (tho this has been the case all along since 2006). We've kind of lost that horrific aspect to them, of a human body violated by machinery. I do like their new sleek look, there should just be more scraps of human left under the shell.

Kids didn't contribute much but at least that meant they didn't get too annoying.

Warwick Davis was brilliant, definitely one of the episode's greatest strengths.

I would say it's better than the last few episodes to feature cybermen. (really didn't think much to that one with James Cordon)
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