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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

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They were both pitiful offensively and no, I still don't think the Thunder should have gone 24 million over the luxury tax and mortgaged the future to keep Harden. Harden sure as hell didn't help during the finals last season.
This kind of thinking is why the Thunder's championship will probably remain "in the future".

What you miss without Harden this season, is a player who can score and make up for the loss of Westbrook. Last season with Harden, the Thunder had 3 players who commanded a double team and who at various times depending on the competition, were virtually unstoppable on offense. Most of the elite teams have only one of those players, two at the most.

With Durant and Harden, the Thunder would still have been a very formidable offense, but without Westbrook AND Harden, they are a middle of the pack offense facing a tough defense that is able to guard the rim. With Harden, the Thunder had a championship combination. That no longer appears to be the case. It is about winning now -- who the frack cares about "the future".

But they are by no means out of this series yet -- we'll know after game 4.

If the Thunder does lose this series, Scottie Brooks' seat on the bench is going to start heating up. And if that happens it will be more fall out fron the Harden situation.
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