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STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS & ROBOCOP with Peter Weller was the best AICN event ever it feels like right now! Weller is a treasure! Films ruled!
Film Jam-Harry Morgan

The film runs at a smooth two hours, never once dragged and could easily have gone on longer. JJ manages to navigate the main plot line and juggle all the different small character arcs, while giving us plenty of big blockbustery action. Watching this movie, I couldn’t help myself but wonder about JJ’s next big movie set in space. With Star Trek he has proven he can take a passionately loved franchise, reinvent it and make it accessible for non Trek-Heads (like yours truly) and also give devotees something new. With Star Trek Into Darkness he has upped his game. You could easily switch off and enjoy the romp through space but there are depths to be found thanks, to a good script, great actors and a director on flying form. Plus the fact that he’s not even a fan of the original Star Trek gives me great confidence in his work on a franchise he is obsessed about. For that, however, we will have to venture to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but for now, I have enjoyed every moment of this Trek.
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