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Re: Recasting Voyager with actors from today

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I work at a Korean company and trust me, Margaret Cho wasn't lying when she said "Azz don't age!" But yeah he does look good for 40. I had a little crush on him when I first saw Harold and Kumar when I was younger. Another reason he could play Harry Kim...he's already played a Harold! Just kidding.
Ha! Except he already plays Sulu. I guess there's nothing stopping him from doing the Combs/Hertzler/Armstrong thing and playing more than one Trek character.

On another note, do we really know that Harry's full name is Harold? I don't think they ever say what Harry is short for on the show. It could be Harrison. Maybe his parents are huge Beatles fans.

I like that, actually. From now on, his name is Harrison Kim in my own personal headcanon.
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