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Re: Novel feature by Empire Film Magazine

I'm surprised no one noticed the error right at the beginning of the article. The article says

Empire Online wrote:

The first original Star Trek tie-in novel (i.e. not the novelisation of an existing episode) was Spock Must Die! by sci-fi legend James Blish, published in 1970.
That's incorrect! The first tie-in novel was Mack Reynold's Mission To Horatius in 1967.

But why did the pick "Over A Torrent Sea"? I found that descriptions of everything on the planet bogged the story down. I would've gone with Synthesis or Red King.

And Zero Sum Game??????

Also, I think they screwed up on "The Return" page. "The Return" is good, but in the write-up for the series the author says Spock goes to Veridian 3 in "The Ashes Of Eden". As I recall, Eden occurred 80-90 years before Generations.

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