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Re: Person of Interest Season 2

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I really enjoyed this season. The last episode was a little confusing, but maybe I just need to watch it again. Some of it seemed...more unlikely than usual.
I had a bit of a suspension of disbelief problem when the Machine told Reese and Shaw to head down the street at their 9:00 o'clock in search of a car, and then one pulls up minutes later and the driver gets out but leaves his keys in the ignition. I was like "Whaaat? How could it have possibly known that was going to happen?"

After a while I just figured that maybe the Machine had observed that driver leaving his keys in the ignition many times before and knew when he would be pulling up by monitoring traffic cams.
You know, that one didn't get to me as much as, say, jumping the car off the bridge, flipping it upside down, walking out, unharmed, with machine guns, and stealing a medi-vac helicopter in front of the flight crew. Can you imagine how many law enforcement officials would be chasing them?

They also seemed to walk in and out of that nuclear waste facility pretty easily.

But overall, these are minor quibbles, since suspension of disbelief is part of the ride anyway. The show is exciting, fun, and "Batman Jesus" as you call him () is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

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