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And Kirk is a risk taker, not a thrill seeker.
Orbital skydiving from the Generations deleted scenes. Climbing El Capitan in Star Trek V without safety equipment.
Flying shields down up alongside a Miranda class cruiser as soon as she raises her shields.

How many died that time?

You're right, he's not a thrill seeker, at times he's an idiot, said so himself.
-- Keeping his shields down when the Reliant was approaching under suspicious circumtances in TWOK.
-- Stubborning insisting on going to warp even though Scotty was dubious they should in TMP. The result was the wormhole.
-- Target-fixating on Nero's dying ship to the point he put his own ship in danger.
-- He didn't call himself a fool, but in TUC he did say he was a great one for rushing in where angels fear to tread.

If anything, Kirk suffered from hubris. Too confident.
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