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Kirk to Sybok in STV: "I'm afraid of nothing."
Kirk to Spock in STID: "I'm afraid. (of dying)".

Which is it? What Kirk said to Sybok wasn't a bit of throwaway dialogue, it was an underline of his character. Kirk has never been afraid of anything. Even when Kirk died the first time, his last words to Picard was, "It was... fun.". But the reboot is also a reboot of the characters' characters. Fine, make everyone in nuTrek super sensitive and in touch with their feelings - make Vulcans cry, but stop pretending these characters are even similar to the original characters, beyond their names.

Ever since the last film, this has become Star Trek Troopers. The kids love it, and that's why you see so many positive reviews. It's a wonderfully executed action space fantasy film in a Trek wrapper, but it's not Star Trek. Star Trek was never cool. And Kirk is a risk taker, not a thrill seeker.

And the nuEnterprise is stupidly large. I won't even go into it.
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