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Re: Why didn't the Federation salvage Empok Nor?

We know next to nothing about this long range transporter. For one thing, we don't know if it exists: "Covenant" shows no long range transporting, merely Kira leaving DS9 and ending up on Empok Nor somehow, and the only people to believe in this being a transporting feat are heroes at loss to explain what just happened, and a villain with an interest in lying about how Kira was caught. And we never heard of transporters of any sort actually working through wormholes; the one attempt at such in "Eye of the Needle" was a failure.

Towing Empok Nor to the Alpha Quadrant end of the wormhole, and sailing the better equipped and armed DS9 through it to the Gamma end, would probably have been a smart move, though... At least communications could have been kept flowing.

Timo Saloniemi
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