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I was talking about Boma - although I didn't spot his name in the cast at the end, I assumed that was who it was meant to be since he has been recast as a redshirt in nuTrek.
Again, Boma was a TOS character. Just 'cos there was an African American security guard in the movie doesn't mean it was Boma.

Was there really any need to officially strip the character out of the franchise?
It was Majel Barrett herself who absented herself from "the Big Eight" before the filming of ST II. She withheld her participation in protest of Gene Roddenberry having been shunted out of the Executive Producer role. My fan club received a media release announcing her decision.

Her participation in ST IV, as Chapel, was due to an invitation by Director Nimoy.

That really does show a total lack of respect for the character.
No, it really doesn't.

Were you not pleased to see Aisha Hinds as the bald (Deltan?) navigator added to the bridge crew?
Wasn't the original Boma an astrophysicist? NuBoma from the comics is definitely security and has been shown to double up with Cupcake in the comics. Since the evidence for it being Boma is entirely circumstantial I may be wrong but circumstantial evidence is better than none! FYI I'd have taken any redshirted crewman with a blonde bun to be Janice but they didn't throw me that bone - lol.

I wasn't pleased that Chekov was promoted to chief engineer but I was very pleased that he was replaced at navigation by a woman. I hadn't assumed that she was meant to be Deltan - I was rather hoping that if they went Deltan they would have teased us with the possibility that she was Ilia (with a south asian actress) but every gal is a plus in my book. My issue is more a case that regardless how many new women they introduce, they seem to introduce even more men with an obvious gender bias in the kinds of roles.

I'm aware of the history of Majel's involvement but this is a reboot set at the time when her character was involved. They really went out of their way to involve Chekov (despite throwing him around because they can't settle on how to use him) but have now gone out of their way NOT to involve Chapel. That does not seem to be a good way to pay homage to the character or the actress.

I'd be interested to know how you think they COULD pay homage to her character though. Reintroducing her as a recurring character in WaLGmo would be a good start. They certainly shouldn't do the story without her.

I did enjoy the one-shot this month though - it was one of the strongest so far, apart from Redshirts. I will give them credit that NuSulu does seem to be a well-rounded character, despite being so unassuming. It was really nice to see him demonstrate the kind of moral fibre that NuKirk so obviously lacks at this point.
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