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Charging you extra for something that doesn't really add anything.
Why did I collect all those stereo cards out of the Weetbix boxes when I was a kid, when I coulda just collected 2D gum cards?

Why did I bug my mother for a View-Master, when I coulda just looked at family slides through a handheld slide viewer?

'Cos 3D is cool! And it adds a whole extra dimension!

If we lived in a world where they charged you extra for color over B/W I would likely say the same thing.
So you resisted the switch from b/w camera film to colour?
I'm in my 50s and I don't ever recall a time when B&W was cheaper than color for amateur use. To get B&W movie film was damned near impossible, in fact. I think at 16mm level B&W was cheaper, maybe.
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